Someway. Somehow.

Someway, somehow, it comes down to the same things. What we love. How we show what we Love. Worlds can be built.  A cathedral of thought and intent can be made that turns our worst fears into  our biggest achievements. What we are, should never be defined by how something ends,  but by how we … More Someway. Somehow.


I had the pleasure of receiving an amazing surprise the other day. Every writer or artist hopes to somehow inspire or at least allow a person to have a moment of reflection in hopes that their eventual outcome will surpass their beginnings. I received an artists rendering of something I wrote months ago. I won’t … More Resonate.

Lost And Found

It is good to be back….back to self discovery and rediscovery.  Sometimes, along the way we lose ourselves TO ourselves. I am looking forward to writing again and attempting to make some sense out of this crazy world for us. I will be posting with greater frequency and as always, looking forward to hearing your … More Lost And Found


Commitment. A titanic mass of dedicative thought and emotion.  The people that understand it, elude us like two ships passing each other in the night, essentially turning us into hunters and gatherers for its attention and time.  The people that cannot grasp its significance are the ones that are more easily found. Turning each one … More Boundless.