The Looking Glass…

(photo taken at King Plow Arts Center)

The term “Through the looking glass” was a term coined by Lewis Carroll when he wrote the sequel to Alice in Wonderland.. a mirror..where we see a world both clear and recognizable yet turned sideways. A mirror can be your best friend and your worst enemy.

It exposes.
It can cast doubt if you look deep enough and ask yourself questions.
It can also help you gather yourself and whisper affectionately and confidently in your ear that everything will be ok.

Self reflection can be one of the most painful and most rewarding experiences one can go through. If navigated properly, it can bring about growth and an evolution of thought. I can literally remember the exact points in my life where that experience brought me to my knees yet picked me up and pushed me closer to my goals than ever before.
I remember growing up, my mom was a human lie detector when it came to emotion. She always knew when something was bothering me and she never wanted me to sit on it.
She would ask, “what is wrong?”
I would reply, “nothing.”
She would then say “nothing is always something,” then continue peeling the problem down layer by layer until I finally found the root of the confusion. She never wanted me just accepting dilemma or complexity in my life. I grew up never wanting to look at issues surface deep. I love her for that.
To self reflect is to stare your worst fears and dislikes down to the point that you ultimately have the choice to create the better you….the best you.

Until next time… LO


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