The Silence Of You.

theSilenceOfYouThe Silence of you. It is the space between. The space between what we know based on what we see, and the space that we feel based on our acceptance of what we know. It is its own unique time and place. A moment between two souls where the silence is not just acceptable, but a silence that also fills every emotional, physical and mental need you have for yourself. At times it is not what is just said or conveyed through action, but an inaction of thought, and an absence of fear towards loving something or somebody as much as you love yourself that, can have the power to dictate outcomes.

The silence of you. The miles I see before me will never compare to the moments I have with you.  The Silence of you is larger than life itself, it means that I have you for another day.

Until next time, Love LO.


What We Leave Behind.


In my mind it is my reason for being. My souls driven purpose. The thought of leaving this existence without leaving behind a track record of more rights than wrongs is a thought that haunts me. It is a lot of who I am, and at certain points in my life I have almost forgotten about it depending on the temporal issues at hand.

It took time to shape the way I wanted a legacy to look like and to this day it is still an evolution of thought and action. The wealth I want to leave the loves of my life is both rich in material and abundant in hope. A hope that my legacy will in turn make them choose to want to do the same. Hopefully one day my legacy will include at least a few lives impacted through words of insight and encouragement.

What we leave behind is as important as who we leave it for.  My worth can never be dictated by another person, so may my eyes forever remain open to the knowledge that tomorrow is another opportunity to leave something behind and impact a life.

Until next time.  Love, LO