Eyes That Saved Me From Myself

Never Asleep (Hudson River, New York City)

I knew it. I knew the moment it happened. I had seen these eyes before.  They were the familiar pair I had seen all too frequently in my hopes and dreams.  It was that very same pair of eyes that looked over me in my sleep, hoping that they themselves would get a chance to have the same in return.
Through the fires of trials and tribulations we seek to find answers. We search our lives over for the person who can look us over and see the better version of ourselves. The person who can undress our souls with a glance that conveys the deepest meanings of love, admiration, and forgiveness. This delicate dance gives way to an equilibrium that offers us peace.  The balance we are most likely to obtain in this life, does not always come from a person. When in fact it does, it can be the finest of rudders in the choppiest of seas, steering us where we need to be, when we need to be there.
Yes, I knew it. Her eyes were the eyes that would make the difference. Throughout my life and all my miscalculation of choice, her eyes would be the eyes that would save me from myself. When I look at her, I draw from it truth, regain my innocence lost, and plot a course of success, because she deserves for me to return that gift to her in the form of the world.
I have seen the sunset hit her eyes, and in those eyes I could see my reflection. In those seconds, I was able to see myself as she sees me, and I knew not only that I am imperfect and to be loved, but that she loves me.

These are the eyes that will forever save me from myself.

Till next time.

Love,  LO


Dream Big. Love Hard.


(photo taken at Jekyll Island Plantation Brunswick, GA)


When I think of dreams, I do not discount their reality. They are there to push us forward towards a higher plane of existing.  They have an ability to guard our sanity and nurse us back to health.  We choose many different paths and outcomes in life. Some of those paths lead us straight to where we are supposed to be, and some of those paths force us to take a detour which is most definitely recoverable. Our dreams steady the wisest and the most foolish of choices, they force us to remember what we always wanted and desired for ourselves despite the sacrifice involved.
Dreams. Choice. Sacrifice. All three of these may be titanic in nature, but with balance, a fixed gaze, a courage forged out of hardship, and the steady hand of not just love of oneself, but also love for another,  can overcome anything in this crazy beautiful disaster we call life.
If anything…..Dream Big. Love Hard.

~ Love LO