Someway. Somehow.


Someway, somehow, it comes down to the same things.

What we love. How we show what we Love.
Worlds can be built.  A cathedral of thought and intent can be made that turns our worst fears into  our biggest achievements. What we are, should never be defined by how something ends,  but by how we finish.  Do not ever attempt to let an outcome dictate how you finish,  but dictate the outcome based on how you persevere through the most difficult of circumstances. Whether it is love, life, or the inescapable aspect of being who we have become do not ever give up on the purest feeling ever. Love for what we love, and how we show what we love.

Later guys,

Love LO.



Solitude. (Shot at Piedmont Park Atlanta, GA)

Solitude. (Shot at Piedmont Park Atlanta, GA)

Time has a very funny way of showing us it cares. More often than not, we run out of it, always leaving us with our backs to the wall. It surely only respects us as long as we show it respect. If we manage it properly, if we keep ourselves in check long enough to sort through our own thoughts and feelings.
There are quite a few moments I look back on and reflect. I look at time lost and time well spent. I look back on how I could have treated my time a lot better. However we feel about our time on this earth, it is so important to not lose track of it. Lose track of time, and we run the risk of losing ourselves. Whatever you do, don’t blink, life passes us up. Choose to live.

Till next time, LO