Some Kind Of Believable.

Crossroads (Smyrna,GA)


My days always start the same. A belief, that with each new day there is somehow a way to make all the wrong right, to choose to latch onto hope rather than embrace my own fears. Always asking myself the same question.

Is this all there really is?

I believe in things in this life.
I believe you should sometimes act first and never second guess yourself after.
I believe you should give your whole heart to someone.
I believe that a creative mind is a limitless mind.
I believe in sacrificing everything for all those I love.
I believe that balance is the single hardest thing to maintain in life.
I believe that failure at anything brings me one step closer to success.
I believe that even in my weaknesses, I find strengths.

I just simply want to believe in the idea of belief itself. As long as I believe in something or someone, especially myself and who and what I love, I have everything I need to get through this life and the next.




Dream Big. Love Hard.


(photo taken at Jekyll Island Plantation Brunswick, GA)


When I think of dreams, I do not discount their reality. They are there to push us forward towards a higher plane of existing.  They have an ability to guard our sanity and nurse us back to health.  We choose many different paths and outcomes in life. Some of those paths lead us straight to where we are supposed to be, and some of those paths force us to take a detour which is most definitely recoverable. Our dreams steady the wisest and the most foolish of choices, they force us to remember what we always wanted and desired for ourselves despite the sacrifice involved.
Dreams. Choice. Sacrifice. All three of these may be titanic in nature, but with balance, a fixed gaze, a courage forged out of hardship, and the steady hand of not just love of oneself, but also love for another,  can overcome anything in this crazy beautiful disaster we call life.
If anything…..Dream Big. Love Hard.

~ Love LO